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Women’s Health and Equality Queensland are leaders in women’s health, gender equity and the primary prevention of violence in Queensland. We provide counselling, therapeutic groups and health services for women and gender-diverse people with experiences of violence, as well as professional education, community programs and structural reform.

Women’s Health & Equality are a not-for-profit whose purpose is to advance the health and wellbeing of Queensland women. Our head office is in Brisbane and we maintain a state-wide footprint through partnering with local organisations and through the leveraging of technology. Women’s Health and Equality Queensland has a proud history of over 40 years working collaboratively to create a world where women are equitability resourced, healthy, safe and thriving.

The Women’s Health & Equality Information Hub was created to provide reliable and easily accessible health information with a gendered lens for the general public. We want to women and gender-diverse people to feel empowered to take control of their health decisions.

Women’s Health and Equality Queensland also acknowledges that “women’s health” issues may affect people of all gender identities and expressions, and respects everyone’s right to freely identify and affirm their gender identity. We hope the information on this website is accessible to all who need it.

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