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Immunisation protects children (and adults) against harmful infections and viruses before they come into contact with them in the community through vaccinations. 

In Australia, it is common for everyone to receive vaccinations when they are born, and throughout childhood (often at school). These vaccines are available for free under the National Immunisation Program. 

New vaccines against serious illnesses continue to be developed, so your child may receive more vaccines than you did as a child. Children can be vaccinated at a doctor’s clinic, an immunisation clinic, local councils by community child health nurses, and at some hospitals. If you require a vaccination for any reason as an adult, this can also be done at doctors clinics.

Most vaccine side effects are minor, and the risk of a serious side effect from a vaccine is far lower than the health risks of the disease itself.


Health Direct

If you are an Australian citizen, you can check your immunisation record via Medicare:

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